Black Lollipop’s 3rd anniversary. Sorta. Kinda.

Well, Black Lollipop is actually much older, but 3 years ago I officially started with showing the pages. And I would’ve forgotten all about this anniversary if I hadn’t it written down in my agenda. Sadly I haven’t prepared anything to celebrate it. Maybe cause I have sorta started over with it with removing the BL site and uploading all pages now to Tapastic.

Now what more can I say about Black Lollipop, aside that this was my first big comic project? Which I sadly had to take a break from cause I got writer’s block and there were other things in life that needed priority. So I thought a new start would be good.
And rereading all the stuff I had written so far. And uhm… That was very much stuff.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bruce almighty file cabinet gif

Maybe a bit too much. So I took the big decision of removing a HUGE part of the story. And I think I can reveal what that part is now, cause it’ll never get into the story. It was something I had to do with pain in my heart, cause of the amount of work I’ve put in it, but that’s the hard life of a storyteller. Sometimes you have to cut parts you like and worked hard on, to make the story go better.

Now the storyline that will never be….

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