The Steps in Love

School outcast and local giant, Cage Tannen, falls head over heels for starting actress, Yani Anderson. Follow the two going through the steps you find in every romantic and sexual relationship. A comic not only about healthy relationships, but also body image, fat positivity and sex positivity.

Genre: Romance – Comedy
Rating: Older teen audience/15+ (will contain soft nudity and sexual content)

Comic can be read online for free on SmackJeeves,  Tapastic and Webtoons.

cover-voorThe Steps in Love Book 1
Yani’s grades aren’t as impressive as her acting skills. To pass her biology, she needs help. A tutor would be a good idea, but the only biology tutor is school outcast and local giant, Cage Tannen. Yani has no choice if she wants to avoid her parents’ anger for failing another class. Not knowing that this big guy has a big crush on her.
Language: English
Pages: 156, the first 3 chapters plus 7 color illustrations and many sketches
Format: 14,8 x 21 cm

Digital version: €7.5
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Hardcopy GREYSCALE version: €10.50
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