Comic projects

Current projects:


Collection of horror stories, all taking place in the Netherlands.
Any update will be on Wednesday.
Contains gore and body horror.

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zl_logo_NL_02 copy
A comic about following your dreams, finding your true self and what to do with the labels society has put in you. A comic of the life about the dark side of music.
Comedy – Drama – Romance
Updated with one page every Friday.
16+ for language, nudity and sexual content.

Visit it’s official website and follow the tumblr.



Your simple romance between a boy and a girl, going through the steps in love.
Romance – Humor
Updated every Monday and Thursday.
Will later contain sexual references and content.

Read it on SmackJeeves or Tapastic.


Life of Dutch
Semi-autobiographical webcomic about how strange life can be. Irregular updates.
Comedy – Semi-autobiographical

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Old projects:

A horror comic anthology with a mother’s love for children as main theme.