Short comics

Stealing Mother

A black-and-white horror comic about a mother’s love for a child.

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A black-and-white comic about a boy who’s had it with being bullied.

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A digital black-and-white comic about a Jew and a Nazi during the Second World War.
Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental.

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How do mermaids do it

A full-color comic about the ancient question of how mermaids and other mythical sea creatures actually have sex.

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A black-and-white comic about girl trying to find shelter for a storm.

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A full-color comic about a little boy who encounters a strange little creature

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The Neighbor

A traditional one-color comic telling a famous Bible story

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Whatever You Want

A black-and-white comic about a talk with Death

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Mermaid in the Rain

A digital moving comic about a girl with a broken heart and a mermaid, while it’s raining.

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Robust Man

A black-and-white comic about the superhero, Robust Man.

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