Mother’s Day 2016

It’s Mother’s Day! I made simple drawing for the occasion. Cause cows are so cute.
I bought my mother chocolates and we already ate them. They were delicious.

Go hug your mother and spoil them. And for those who are without, go hug someone you love dearly. It’s a day for love. For mothers and other loving caretakers.

Koningsdag 2016

It’s King’s Day here in the Netherlands. The day where we celebrate the birthday of our king, Willem-Alexander van Oranje.
I’ve made a small little drawing for this day.

Sadly not a sunny day. Lots of rain, but I am sure people won’t let the rain beat them. Let’s make a fun day of it regardless of what.

The End and Restart of Black Lollipop

Dear Black Lollipop readers,

We have come to end of chapter 7 and with this also the end of the BL site. Cause of continuing problems with the webcomic systems here, I’ve decided to move the comic to a webcomic community with a better system to work with. Not only for me, but also for you, the dear readers.

Since October the comic has restarted at Tapastic.  So I happily redirect you there to keep in touch with Black Lollipop. Sadly you do have to start all over again. My apologies for that.

Now the site won’t immediately be deleted, to give some of you the time to catch on the last pages and maybe reread the last chapters. I think I’ll leave it for two more weeks, then it’ll be gone. Forever.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you back on Tapastic.

The Horror has started

My horror project “Hollandse Horror” (Dutch Horror) has started on Tapastic!

Inspired by the works of Junji Ito and Masaaki Nakayama, my favorite horror manga-artists.

Starting with “The Witch”, based on a Dutch folktale. New parts of this story will come each Wednesday.
Warning: This comic contains strong language and mild gore.