“The Steps in Love” Preorder has closed!

Dear people reading this, the preorder for the first book of The Steps in Love has closed!

Thank you to all who have ordered one. You will soon receive an invoice and after I’ve received payment, I’ll print the books and send to you all as soon as possible!
Thanks again. It made me really happy some of you really wanted to own a copy and maybe I’ll do another preorder in the future.

Fall 2016

Today marks the official start of fall of 2016!

And as usual, here’s my pinup for this season. Cause when fall comes, there’ll also be rain. Who here loves rain? I only when I’m warm inside the house, not outside. But I once had a moment I felt a bit down and it was raining, so I decided to be in the rain for a moment. It sorta felt good. The rain felt it was washing everything away. And then quickly inside for a hot shower. It really did me good.

Happy fall everyone!

The Steps in Love Book 1 Preorder

If any has already seen it on the right, a digital version of the first book of The Steps in Love is now for sale for €8 and I have opened a pre-order form for the first book of The Steps in Love.

For €11.50 a copy can be yours and the first 10 people placing an order will get a little surprise! Go to the form for more info. You have till the 30th of september to place your order. I hope to see you soon between the entries.

Black Lollipop’s 3rd anniversary. Sorta. Kinda.

Well, Black Lollipop is actually much older, but 3 years ago I officially started with showing the pages. And I would’ve forgotten all about this anniversary if I hadn’t it written down in my agenda. Sadly I haven’t prepared anything to celebrate it. Maybe cause I have sorta started over with it with removing the BL site and uploading all pages now to Tapastic.

Now what more can I say about Black Lollipop, aside that this was my first big comic project? Which I sadly had to take a break from cause I got writer’s block and there were other things in life that needed priority. So I thought a new start would be good.
And rereading all the stuff I had written so far. And uhm… That was very much stuff.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bruce almighty file cabinet gif

Maybe a bit too much. So I took the big decision of removing a HUGE part of the story. And I think I can reveal what that part is now, cause it’ll never get into the story. It was something I had to do with pain in my heart, cause of the amount of work I’ve put in it, but that’s the hard life of a storyteller. Sometimes you have to cut parts you like and worked hard on, to make the story go better.

Now the storyline that will never be….

Mother’s Day 2016

It’s Mother’s Day! I made simple drawing for the occasion. Cause cows are so cute.
I bought my mother chocolates and we already ate them. They were delicious.

Go hug your mother and spoil them. And for those who are without, go hug someone you love dearly. It’s a day for love. For mothers and other loving caretakers.

Koningsdag 2016

It’s King’s Day here in the Netherlands. The day where we celebrate the birthday of our king, Willem-Alexander van Oranje.
I’ve made a small little drawing for this day.

Sadly not a sunny day. Lots of rain, but I am sure people won’t let the rain beat them. Let’s make a fun day of it regardless of what.