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Current status: Hiatus/discontinued. There are plans to redo it into a new project

The Giant Guards are the police and peacekeepers in a world filled with humans, giants, and many other creatures. And it’s a heavy job while also figuring out your own feelings and things from the past.
A story about ego, self-esteem, and how big or small people around you can make you feel.

Genre: Fantasy – Comedy – Drama
Rating: Older teen audience/16+ (will contain soft horror)

Comic can be read online for free on  Tapastic and Webtoons

Where The Giants Roar Book 1; The Axe of Giants

Koios Titan, the captain of the local Guards squad, gets into quite a pickle with a cyclops. Luckily he’s saved by a stranger with none other than the legendary Axe of Giants. No one believes Koios when he tells it, but then come rumors that Koios was saved by Ri, the town’s bully. Till the finest details only Koios knows. Surely she doesn’t own the mythical Axe of legends say has the power to destroy all worlds?

Language: English
Pages: 160
Format: 14,8 x 21 cm